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    Congratulations!!!! Hi, Welcome to my Blog, I am glad that you have checked about my page. First of ...

About Us


Hi, Welcome to my Blog, I am glad that you have checked about my page. First of all, I would like to congratulate you on taking steps to buy your property. And you going to be an Owner (or already an owner) of the property or you are going to get your dream home!!

We help you to choose the right property

let me take your two minutes time to introduce myself, I am Kalpana from Bangalore. I am working in the real estate industry in the sales field since 2011. I love to talk with people and exchange knowledge of each other. I also part of the real estate company called skys adobe currently as sales head. I write about property buying tips in this blog.

What Made to Write this Blog??

Everyone would put their lifetime harder effort earned money while you are purchasing the property, But, How many people among us would go through the buying process such as Doing a background check of the properties, Comparisons, Locations, etc

In this journey, one of my friends has also gone through thoroughly still now. She is also one of my ex-colleague at my old company. Even though she was a part of real estate company she could not make the right decision on choosing the right property.

Oh No!!, Why (Like me in your mind big why would raise, Am I right)???

If yes, Then, Her family wish to choose an apartment rather than paying rent and stay in a rental home, but she wishes to choose a residential plot and built her dream home how she wanted a home to be. ( Oh yes !! it is my dream too..)

she tried to convince her family to choose a plot but she could not do it then she is forced to choose the apartment. She had to go through many processes such as shortlisting the apartment list, then verify which is falling her budget, the location should match ( Nearby her kid’s school), flat should be spacious with facilities etc, In these process, she had to come across many questions in every step?

She uses to call and check with me every time for every single step? Even you may come across the same process. So there I thought this how exactly people would go through the process, why can’t I help people who are going through the process and share the knowledge.

Even the whole world looking for the same, you are also one among them right, if you are liking the articles or blogs which I am sharing kindly share the comments and likes with me.

Even you can be in the Facebook community to check the people’s doubts like you!!! Thanks for visiting my blog!!

you can ask any question which you wanted me to write about ?? So that I will add about the same!!!